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Your Identity is like a Car.

True Gratitude

Are You Coming?

How We Get the World We Deserve

The Journey of Becoming

EVENT: Lighting Candles

The Angels' Advocate

The Earthquake of a Suicide

Stepping Back to Step Through

What Would I Want, If That Was Me?

How I found a Way

The Absurdity of Being Right.

Lighting Candles

Finding Voice

Stepping Through

A Game Like No Other

Belonging to One's Own Life


Not Today

Episode #055: History on Fire Pt. II

Facing Darkness

Spending Time

Discomfort, Evolution & Actualisation

Definitions key to Actualisation

The Same Shadow of Life

The Holographic Nature of Language

Rescuing God from Religion

How Do You Like It?

The Journey of the Seed and the Seedling

True Gratitude, Playfulness & Transcendence

You Wont Like This

Genius, Arrogance and Honesty

Stop the Show


The Cost of our Allowing

The Leap is The Way

Sitting with Deep Sorrow

Facing Grief

Reframing Your Story

We Get What We Reach For

Advocating Spiritual Health

The Meaning of Peace

Silver Branch



The Art of Endings, with Grace

The Wound is the Invitation

The beautiful paradox of Purpose pursued.

Looking back to see forward.

#044 A Season of Rewilding

A Season of Rewilding


Most Intimate

Mother of Nations

Candles Yet to Light

Helping to Stop a Hole

Drinking from A Deeper Well

#043 How to Think about ChatGPT

#042:Reflections Episode - Letters to the Vigilant and to the Sensitive

#041 Mountains of Hope with Mike Murphy

#040 History on Fire - Part 1

#039 Rekindling Your Mojo

#037 We All Eat Lies When our Hearts are Hungry

#038 Reflections Episode - Generational Trauma