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I asked myself: “What does love look like right now?” And the answer right now is the speaking of truth and encouragement, into this moment in history. Sometimes it will look like straight talk, sometimes it will look like gentle forgiveness, sometimes like the courage to say difficult things, but most of all, it is to connect with a need greater than my own.

There is a huge amount of overwhelming noise out there; opinions, arguments, selective facts - a lot of babel, but very little stillness and very little by way of clear wisdom that does not shout.

I am a voice of stillness and understanding, that shines light on the present moment without needing light shone on myself; how to step into and live an Eyes Wide Open Life, without ranting or spiritual junk-food.

We can do with as much of that right now as we can find. This is such a place.

I shall be sharing a lot more openly and directly here than I am usually free to, about the coming storm, what all this change means, and much more frankly about subjects like

  • enlightenment,

  • psychedelics (their sacred and appropriate use),

  • psychological self-repair (shadow integration & inner-child work)

  • generational trauma and

  • the deep truth about our time and the universe we live in.

I will share practices and pragmatism around who to map a pathway and pursue Stable Mutual Actualisation, as well as deep insights in poetic ways that speak to our yearning for the Sacred.

Sacred does not need to have anything to do with shared ideas of religion or god, or whimsy.  It is simply the answered wish to find something deep, foundational and beautiful about this world and our sense of private gratitude and belonging we get from that discovery.

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We are in an eclipse right now, waiting for the light to reappear, and it will not reappear;
– we need to become the light.

No one else is coming.

We are standing on the threshold of an impossible moment, and a world of quite literally infinite potential is waiting. 

We are so incredibly empowered right now. 

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Neurodivergent, autodidact, speaker, writer, psychonaut, artist, poet, philosopher. Deepening our World by Deepening our Language. Ardent advocate of self-directed conscious evolution. Champion of the Future Human.